St. Louis Cardinals: The Turning Tide

The major league baseball season is a long, volatile, fickle mistress that spends anywhere from eight to nine months eating it's players, owners, and fans alive. No matter the organization, nearly every day feels like an inescapable grind that is constantly beating it's supporters and loved ones down even when

Cardinals vs. Brewers 5/1 Series Preview

Greg Garcia vs. Brewers

After a rainout on Saturday the St. Louis Cardinals looked to sweep what would now be a two game series against the Reds on Sunday. Things seemed to be going as planned as they took a 4-0 lead into the sixth inning. Unfortunately, things unraveled from there. The Reds were able

What the Cardinals Learned form the Phillies

Large payrolls are becoming a common place in baseball as 12 MLB teams have total payrolls over $150 million. Over the past two decades teams have been throwing money at ball players convincing themselves that it is a worthwhile investment. A lot of the time these mega contracts fall flat

St. Louis Cardinals Top Prospect #2

Every other day over the next two months, John Nagel and Kyle Reis will announce a new prospect on The Redbird Daily’s Top 30 St. Louis Cardinals Prospect List. For each prospect, John and Kyle will reveal where that prospect landed on their personal lists and also few thoughts on