Bird Law 2.8: No Offense

The Bird Law Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, we talk over the disappointing aspects of the St. Louis Cardinals, from the offense to the bullpen. Touching on the most recent news and mixing in a few fun segments to break up the negativity. Listen Here on Soundcloud: Listen Here on Apple Podcasts/ iTunes: Credits: Intro:

St. Louis Cardinals: The Fourth Awakens

It's Star Wars night again at Busch Stadium.

There’s been an awakening...have you felt it? Kind of? A little bit? After sleeping in Pittsburgh, the Cardinals managed to wake up against the White Sox before the other team from Chicago comes to town. But I’m not here to talk about the Cardinals. Well, not like that at least.

St. Louis Cardinals: 2018 Milestone Watch

Yadier Molina

With every season comes a handful of milestones throughout baseball. Homeruns, strikeouts, hits, wins. All fun stats to watch pile up and speak to a player's sustained success at a high level. At arms length, I'm sure there are several Cardinals fans keeping an eye on Albert Pujols as he

Bird Law 2.7: A Better Start

The Bird Law Podcast

On this episode of the Bird Law Podcast, we talk over the happenings of the season's first two weeks and give our general thoughts on all aspects of the team so far. Available on SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, and Tune-In. Follow us on Twitter! Follow @birdlawpod Credits: Intro: Audio "It's Always Sunny