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St.Louis Cardinals: Winning is winning

Brett Cecil throwing in Spring Training

The Phillies are a very bad baseball team, we were witness to this two weeks ago when they came into St.Louis.  Philadelphia has won 11 of their last 50 games. This is what a rebuild looks like and its not pretty. The Cardinals have to take advantage of these opponents.  Winning the first two  games of the series, with Carlos Martinez scheduled for today, this lines up to be a positive end to the road trip.

Returning power

Tommy Pham added two more home runs last night to add to the team total of 19 for the road trip. The ballparks in Baltimore and Philadelphia are widely known to be locales that can spark offensive numbers. Are we seeing the return of the 2016 offensive production or is this a benefit of the ballparks?

Pham, Jedd Gyorko, and Jose Martinez all homered to overcome a five run lead by the Phillies.  After a month of anemic offense, the bats have seemed to come around. Pham has been the teams best offensive player since his return to St.Louis. He has added a much needed spark to a clubhouse that we have described before as “stale”.

Rotation help

Tyler Lyons relieved a weary Michael Wacha and pitched three scoreless innings. Wacha was starting what could possibly be his last start before the break. A lack of innings and production has forced the team to look at other options in Wachas rotation spot. Lyons seemed to make his case for the start on Monday against the Reds but he may be jumped by options in Memphis. John Gant has pitched well since returning to the Redbirds and is on the same throwing schedule as Wacha.

We mentioned yesterday some of the available pitchers the organization has ready for promotion. I’ve always been a member of the Michael Wacha fan club, but think a change is definitely needed. Lets just hope the strange shoulder injury doesn’t derail what was such a promising career.

Brett Cecil continued his run of scoreless appearances with a lock down inning with the Phillies threatening. Cecil has helped rebuild some confidence in the pen. I’ll be much more confident when Trevor Rosenthal is closing games.

Play the schedule

The 2017 team has given us reason to be apprehensive about winning any series, much less make a run at a division championship. All we can ask is that the team can beat the less talented teams and build momentum. I’m a believer that this team can improve by incremental movements. Many of those improvements may  come within the organization. The farm system is talented and we may get to see some the prospects grow with the big league club this year.

The division winner will not win 100 games. They may not win 90!

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