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St. Louis Cardinals Top Prospects: #25

Every other day over the next two months, John Nagel and Kyle Reis will announce a new prospect on The Redbird Daily’s Top 30 St. Louis Cardinals Prospect List. For each prospect, John and Kyle will reveal where that prospect landed on their personal lists and also few thoughts on the prospect. We hope you enjoy!

Prospect #25 Nick Plummer – 1st Round, 2015

2016 Stats: None (injured)

Kyle Reis (Ranked #27 On Personal List)

When it comes to #25 on our list, you really should read John’s evaluation first and then come back to mine. So, you know, do that now!

Hey! Welcome back!

First, I’ve never been as high on Plummer as most. As John mentions, I am one of those lunatics that believe he profiles more as a left fielder with a high OBP than a legitimate defensive option in CF, similar to former Cardinals farmhand Mike O’Neill. Still, the jury is, and should be, out on this young man.

As I mentioned in the article that detailed our ranking process, it’s difficult for me to highly rank players that missed significant time with injuries. When I look at Plummer, I see a 20 year old kid that missed an entire season of early, developmental baseball. That’s difficult enough to recover from, but please keep in mind that this is a raw, high school-drafted kid. He is also a player that came from a cold weather state and played against significantly less talented players. It was tough enough to gauge his talent before being drafted, then he missed his entire age 19 season after only 180 professional at bats. As compared to many of the other names on our top 30, there just isn’t enough info to properly evaluate what kind of prospect he is. And I’m not the kind of guy to give him a free pass because he was a first round pick.

Still, even with all of that criticism, dropping him down to 27th on my personal list is harsh. Please view that as more of a glass half full than a glass half empty evaluation. In years of lesser depth, Plummer would still be a top 20 prospect, even with those evaluation issues working against him. But, as I’ve said often, this is the deepest the organization has been in a very long time. His fall on my list has just as much to do with that depth as it does with the questions that I have about his talent.

THAT BEING SAID, Plummer is easily the hitter at the back of my list that could find his way into the top 15 entering the 2018 season. I just have to see the kid play against comparable talent before I decide if he is more Charlie Tilson or C.J. McElroy.

John Nagel (Ranked #20 on Personal List)

We see another big discrepancy in rankings between Kyle’s ranking of 27 and my ranking of 20 for Nick Plummer. Plummer is starting to get the bust label from some Cardinals fans, and that is entirely not fair. The 1st round pick in the 2015 draft missed all of the 2016 season with a wrist injury.

Without stats to look back at, we will look at a scouting report on the 20-year old outfielder. I think the jury is still out on whether or not Nick Plummer will have future power. I have seen a 30 grade (scale of 20-80) and I have seen it as high as 55. I tend to be on the higher side of that. What is not debated is his ability to hit, which is probably his best tool. He has an advanced feel for the strike zone, which was shown in his short debut in 2015 as he led the Gulf Coast League in walks.

Defensively, Plummer will be a top prospect if he can stick at center field. There are some who question his range and arm strength to play in the outfield’s toughest spot. A move to left field would kill a lot of his future value. I think he will be able to stick but may have to move off of center when he gets a little older.

Cardinals fans should not hold his injury against him. Charlie Tilson is a great example of this as he missed the entire 2012 season, but rebounded nicely in 2013. Tilson will likely be the Chicago White Sox’s starting center fielder in 2017.

There is a lot to like from Nick Plummer and if he can get a full-season assignment at Peoria to start 2017 and hit, he will likely rise up my list.

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