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St. Louis Cardinals: Q&A with announcer John Ulett

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a Q&A Interview with Busch Stadium announcer, John Ulett. John “U-Man” Ulett, is currently the Cardinals public address announcer, as well as a KSHE Radio Morning Show Host and Co-Host of the Cardinals Kids television show on Fox Sports Midwest. Below are a few questions and answers from our interview.


Q – How did you get started in the announcing/broadcasting industry, and eventually hooked up with the Cardinals?

A – I got started by going to Broadcast Center and getting my first job through the school at KEZK. I acquired the Cardinals job in 1983, after covering the team for KSHE in the World Series year of 1982. I had the privilege to travel and get to know people in the organization and when the job opened, they asked me to audition.

Q – Approximately how many Cardinal games have you attended or been apart of throughout your career?

A – I figure I’ve announced about 2,600 Cards games.

Q – What does a regular day during baseball season look like for you?

A – A regular season game day for me starts at 4:30am. I go to KSHE at 5:30 to do the KSHE Morning Rock Show from 6-10, and get done around 11 or so at the station. Some days I meet with clients, other days I tape a Cardinals Kids TV Show or go home and catch up on sleep. Then, I get up and head down to Busch, and get there at about 6:00 for a 7:15 game.

Q – Is there a person that you have looked up to throughout your career?

A – My grandfather on my mothers side set an amazing example on how to live my life. He’s the main person I’ve looked up to all my life.

Q – Do you get to meet all of the celebrities and stars that throw out the first pitches? If so, who have been some of your favorites to meet?

A – I’ve met many famous people at Busch during pre-game ceremonies. Muhammad Ali is probably the most famous.

Q – Who’s name has been the toughest to announce?

A – The toughest name to say with any excitement, was a catcher from the early ’90’s named Mike Heath. When you try to say Heath with effort, nothing comes out but air. Not what you thought it was going to be, right?

Q – Do you have a game that has been your favorite to announce at?

A – My favorite game by far was Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.

Q – What has been your most memorable moment throughout your career?

A – Doing the P.A. announcing for World Series games on network television, don’t want to mess that up.

Q – What do you think of the Cardinals going into 2017, with the additions of Dexter Fowler and Brett Cecil?

A – If the Cardinals improve their defense, they’ll make the playoffs. Fowler will help that. I think Mike Matheny is a good leader of young men and they play hard for him. He’ll also be a reason they’ll return to the postseason.

Q – How excited are you for Opening Day against the Chicago Cubs?

A – It is going to be fun. Unfortunately, the Cubs ruined everything by winning their first World Series in 108 years. The game will never be the same.

Q – Do you think Opening Day should be a national holiday?

A – I don’t think Opening Day should be a National Holiday, but I DO think I should get paid double time as if it were. 😉

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