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St. Louis Cardinals: Q&A with prospect Bryce Denton

Cardinals prospect Bryce Denton

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a Q&A Interview with Cardinals minor league prospect third baseman, Bryce Denton. Denton, who attended Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee, was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2015 MLB June Amateur Draft by St. Louis, and is now ranked as number twenty-one on the Cardinals Top Prospect list. Below are a few questions and answers from our interview. Enjoy!

Q – At what point in your life did you really get serious about baseball?

A – After my dad passed before my junior year, I really focused up. He had always led the way in my baseball life, but at that point I knew it would be up to me to get where I wanted to get. I was always serious about baseball because of my father. He never let me play football growing up because he thought if I got hurt, I wouldn’t be able to play baseball. We’d go to the cages five times a week pretty much my whole childhood. It’s awesome to have those memories with him.

Q – Who was your favorite team/player growing up?

A – My favorite team has always been the Cardinals, same as my whole family! My favorite player was Big Mac, I loved watching him hit nukes.

Q – Throughout your baseball journey, who is someone you have always looked up to?

A – Ben Zobrist is the number one person I have looked up to along my journey. When he was at the low-A to the AAA levels, he gave my brothers and I lessons at Showtime Sports Academy (hitting facility in Brentwood, TN). He is such a great guy and still helps me to this day. I’m very fortunate to have a positive, motivational, and a lead by example type of person to try and emulate.

Q – Which current or former player do you compare your game to most?

A – I honestly try not to compare myself to other players, because everybody is different in their own way, even if they are similar types of players. I just focus on being the best that I can be and trying to maximize my own potential. In the end, that should speak for itself.

Q – In your baseball career, what has been your most memorable moment? If not the same, In you first few years in the Minor Leagues, what has been your most memorable moment?

A – My favorite moment so far would be going 4-4 with 3 homers in the sub-state game my junior year of high school, while also pitching to help get us to the state tournament for the first time. My favorite pro-ball moment would be hitting the thee-run homer in the Appy League title game to help contribute to winning the championship. Both are at the top of my personal good feelings on the diamond. Both of those teams had great chemistry, worked hard, and played hard to win every single day. There is no better feeling as a player than seeing hard work translate in big moments. But overall, the main thing for me is just feeling like I accomplished my goal of helping the team win.

Q – What was it like being drafted by an MLB Franchise, such as the Cardinals, right out of High School?

A – It was a dream come true. It’s been an awesome learning experience so far. Obviously it’s a huge change in competition level and a challenge, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The Cardinals have a strong history of winning, and we have a strong history of developing great players. I feel very fortunate to be in an organization that cares so much about each and every one of us!

Q – How much pride do you take in being one of the Cardinals top prospects? Do you pay attention to the ‘Top Prospects’ list that come out every year?

A – It’s an honor to be on the list, but at the same time it’s not something to worry about. There are tons and tons of great ball players who are not on those lists. I think the main thing is never getting a big head over something like that because it’s uncontrollable. The only thing I try to pay attention to is making sure I’m getting better.

Q – What has been your favorite part of the offseason?

A – My favorite part is being able to spend time with my family and friends that I don’t get to see much during the season. Another would be having a few months to work and build off of the things I experienced or learned. 

Q – During the offseason, do you pay attention to any of the rumors of possibly being included in a trade? If so, what is that like, having your name floated around in the rumor mill?

A – I try not to pay attention to any of those type of things, but it is hard to not see or hear about it being in a family of all die hard Cardinal fans. I guess it is pretty cool hearing my name floated around, but in the end it makes no difference. The only thing I can control right now is putting the time and effort in to be the best I can be during the 2017 season.

Q – What are you most excited for in the 2017 season?

A – I’m so pumped to play some baseball. That’s my favorite thing to do, play. Nothing like playing ball everyday.

Thanks for reading!

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