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St. Louis Cardinals: An off-season progress report

Brett Cecil

Hello Cardinals fans! The offseason is almost over, and Opening Day is a little less than 80 days away.

What all have the Birds on the Bat done this offseason? Let’s take a look!

St. Louis started off their offseason by signing everyone’s favorite manager, Mike Matheny, to a three-year contract through the 2020 season.

On November 4th, the next day, John Mozeliak declined Jordan Walden‘s 2017 contract option.

The Redbirds made their first headline move on November 21st, as they signed left-handed pitcher Brett Cecil to a four-year deal.

To close out the month of November, on the 3oth, the Cardinals released back-up catcher Brayan Pena, and named “Stubby” Clapp the manager of the Memphis Redbirds.

Mozeliak started off December by trading away starting pitcher Jaime Garcia to the Atlanta Braves. In return, the Cardinals acquired right-handed pitcher John Gant, right-handed pitcher Chris Ellis and second baseman Luke Dykstra.

On the same day, the Cardinals declined to tender a 2017 contract to relief pitcher Seth Maness.

Cardinal Nation’s most notable addition came on December 9th. Right after a picture of Dexter Fowler at an airport headed to St. Louis was posted on social media, the Cardinals officially signed free-agent centerfield, Dexter Fowler, to a five-year deal.

Since the Fowler addition, the Cardinals haven’t done much, besides signing Jordan Schafer, Daniel Schlereth, Dickie Joe Thon, Josh LucasRobby RowlandEric Fryer, Gabriel Lino and Alberto Rosario to minor league contracts.

Finally, on January 12th the Cardinals and Matt Adams agreed on a 1 year, $2.8 million contract, avolding arbitration. The club still has four arbitration eligible players in Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez, Trevor Rosenthal, and Kevin Siegrist.

Some would say the Cardinals have gotten worse this offseason, while others would say the team has improved. In my opinion, John Mozeliak went out and acquired just enough to actually compete for the wildcard and possibly the division. I think this team improved, but could still get a whole lot better with the addition of a bat and third baseman.

The off-season is about half way done and I do not believe the Cardinals are done making moves. As I mentioned above, they could get a big bat, but that is unlikely. They could also add a back up outfielder. The Redbird Daily covered that topic a couple of days ago. Also, the club could add more pitching because who has enough pitching? While this team has improved thus far, maybe not to the extent some fans would have wanted, they could still add a couple minimal pieces to the roster.

What are your thoughts on what the Redbirds have done this offseason? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @The_Easton.

Thanks for reading!

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  • wileyvet

    A four year contract with a No-trade clause for a loogy. Lunacy of major proportions. Mozeliak has every other GM is baseball laughing their guts out and scratching their heads. Stupid is as stupid does. The highest paid man in the bullpen is a loogy. Bahahahaha!!! Has he been better then Rosenthal over the last few years, well no, actually both had a terrible year last season, but the only difference is; Cecil is better rewarded handsomely for his poor season of 7 losses and 4 blown saves, while Trevor has been shown the door from his role. Mozeliak is an idiot of epic proportions. Siegrist is better then Cecil, so should he be given a better contract then Brett with a full No-trade??? What about Oh? Well let’s give him 5 years and $15 mil a season and while we’re at it, to avoid animosity amongst the current Cardinal team-mates, let’s give everyone a No-trade contract so there’s no profession jealousy in the locker room thanks to Mozeliak’s short-sightedness. Offering No-trade contracts to Leake, Cecil and Fowler is akin to begging players to come to St. Louis, when in fact the privilege of playing with the ‘Birds on the Bat’ should be enough in itself.
    I admit, there isn’t an immediate need on the Cardinal roster that Mozeliak won’t address within 2 years or so. He’s very reactive in a slothian sort of way. Being Proactive is a foreign concept to Slo-Mo and he proves it, year in and year out. Please DeWitt, boot this human snail out the door and get us an aggressive GM who’ll want to best the Cubs and not just scrap into the playoffs.

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