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St. Louis Cardinals: The Odd Men Out

The weather is getting warmer, and don’t look now, but your St. Louis Cardinals are HOT.

Yes, the bat Birds (trademark pending) are starting to come around, and although they are still hovering around .500, they just made the Atlanta Braves look like school children – even with half of a baseball team practically.

The rash of injuries to Dexter Fowler, Stephen Piscotty, and now Jose Martinez certainly don’t look good on paper – but the Cardinals have managed to find a way to scrape wins together, and at the right time.

Tommy Pham has come up and done nothing but swing the bat well. I’m talking like a home run in every other at bat well.

Youngin’ Magneuris Sierra showed promise first action too.

Pham has a legitimate shot to stay if he hits. Sierra will get sent back down (to what level is a question for another day) when we get somebody back off the disabled list, but it is good to see a young outfielder ready to play.

Whether Pham stays up or not remains to be seen on how others bounce back, but with all the roster flip flop in the last two weeks, it got me thinking – who are the other odd men out?

What I mean is this – general manager John Mozeliak now has seen that some of his organizational depth is ready and has shown the ability to play, so it is time to pull the trigger on some of his major league roster that hasn’t performed?

Let’s take a look at some of the candidates:

1. Jonathon Broxton

If you are asking yourself why is he still on the team, you are not alone. He provides little to no value, and is eating a roster spot for someone who probably throws harder, and can get outs without letting someone on base.

The replacement?

Nobody. You go with one less bullpen arm, and stick another man on your already weak bench. Yeah I said it. Boom, issue solved. Moving on.

ORRRRR look at #2 on this list…

2. Adam Wainwright

I will probably be thrown to the wolves on this one. But you tell me your number two starter can’t go more than five innings in a game through the first two months of the season, and I am going to tell you I will probably start to look at my options.

Look, I am a huge Waino guy, I grew up watching him provide us as Cardinal fans with some of the greatest moments we’ve ever had. But at what point in time do we look internally and realize he’s just not effective as a starter, and utilize him as a bullpen arm.

Do I think he’s done for? No. See my solution.

The replacement?

Luke Weaver. Wainwright is two more bad starts for me officially declaring him a bullpen arm, and Weaver needs to be given a shot (he’s tearing up AAA right now), and Waino moved back to his old bullpen role. You’ll remember he used to be pretty good in small doses too.

If a guy can’t give you more than five effective innings, he can’t be a starter, nostalgia or not. *hairflip*

3. Matt Adams

Oh Matthew…poor, poor Matthew.

Now that Tommy Pham has even come up and shown that he’s a better outfielder AND hitter than you, your time in St. Louis has to be done right?

That sentiment crossed my mind once or twice over the weekend. And it should’ve crossed yours. What ACTUAL use does Matt Adams provide this team now? Once Martinez comes back, not only does he provide a back up first basemen and additional outfielder, his bat plays better already.

Adams’ value right now to the St. Louis Cardinals is zero and it is time to find value for him in the form of a trade.

The replacement?

A player to be named later (bullpen help/minor league depth). Adams is the biggest odd man out right now on this roster, and he is the elephant in the locker room.

Tommy Pham is seemingly putting the stamp on the envelope that is sending Matt Adams on a one way trip out of St. Louis.

It’s great to see the St. Louis Cardinals clicking despite all the setbacks right now, but they have some decisions to make once everyone gets healthy.

It’s tough to be the odd man out.

I would know.

I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan living in Chicago.


Thanks for reading.


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