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St. Louis Cardinals: The Fourth Awakens

It's Star Wars night again at Busch Stadium.

There’s been an awakening…have you felt it? Kind of? A little bit? After sleeping in Pittsburgh, the Cardinals managed to wake up against the White Sox before the other team from Chicago comes to town. But I’m not here to talk about the Cardinals. Well, not like that at least. It’s May the 4th, which means it’s time to talk baseball with a Star Wars twist.

Now, I did do this same article last season and it was pointless to resist doing it again. The premise is simple, take a Cardinals’ player and match them to a parallel Star Wars character. However, this year I’m freshening things up. The 2017 edition(s) contained a lot of older references, and even though they checked out, I decided that with 2018 upon us I would shift my focus to the latest installments of the saga, episodes 7 and 8.

So first, here are the links to last season’s articles:

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And finally, The Fourth Awakens…

Tommy Pham / Poe Dameron

I could find matches on a few levels for Tommy. He could have been Kylo Ren, with his raw, untamed power. He is something truly special.

But in the end, he is Poe Dameron, (or is it Toe Phameron???) the guy who didn’t really have a future planned in the saga, but was so good that the directors had to find him more screen time. From ranting about the treatment being received from his bosses to playing with a sense of reckless abandonment, Tommy is the spark that will light the fire of this Cardinals team. He wears his heart on his sleeve, always but make no mistake about his intentions, he is here to win at all cost.

The following quotes are straight from Star Wars cannon about Mr. Dameron, editted for Pham.

“(Tommy)’s commitment is absolute. And he’s our best (player). He’ll get what we need.”

“I’ve never worried about (Tommy)’s commitment. My worry is for what that commitment may cost him.”

I could hear Mike or Mo saying those things.

Jose Martinez / Rey

The newest, very powerful hero for the current cast of Cardinals. He spent years stranded in the minor leagues. Finally free, this force of baseball talent has awakened. Unlike Rey, we already know that Jose’s family lineage had the baseball force flowing through them (and maybe Rey’s does as well, because Kylo was probably just feeding her a big, fat Dark Side lie…). He always had the ability to hit within him, but it was truly awoken by the discovery of launch angle, and his career made the jump to hyperspace. He has forged a strong connection with Carlos Martinez, much like Rey with Kylo Ren. His success will greatly determine the fate of the Cardinals galaxy.

Adam Wainwright / Luke Skywalker

Yeah, this is same comp I did last year but hear me out. Last season I was talking about Original Trilogy Luke. In 2018, Waino more resembles the old sage Luke. He’s reached mentor status at this point in the saga, now poised to pass on the Cardinal Way of the force on to the next generation. He’s certainly much more willing to do this than Luke, though. His sharp wit makes him forever like able and we long for him to ride into battle like the New Hope that he was a decade ago. But for now, we must settle for the manifestation of his former self that we caught a glimpse of in spring training. And we know that he will pour every last ounce of energy he has into his final effort as the last Jedi from a passed Cardinals era.

Carlos Martinez / Kylo Ren

Forget the villainy with this character. Much like Kylo Ren once had a mask that was unnecessary and worn solely to make himself look cool (and in no way affected his performance), Martinez has sported wild hair in the past. But much like Ren, it seem the guise is a thing of the past. Understudies of Wainwright/Skywalker, both of theses characters had to grow from emotional, unfinished products, to truly hone their powers. Prone to bursts of wildness, they have the capacity for greatness. Martinez has even shown that he too possesses great skills with a lightsaber (bat). In the most recent episodes, it appears that we have witnessed the turn from raw to real for these characters in the saga.

Quick Hits

Mike Matheny / Vice Admiral Holdo – His ability to withhold information and fail to provide full explanation of decisions to the public is both frustrating and impressive.

Bud Norris Under Pressure…

Pitch Trails from Greg Holland‘s debut…

Thanks for reading!

A big thumbs up for Star Wars from Mike Matheny



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