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St. Louis Cardinals: Matt Adams, Left Fielder?

“In left field, Matt Adams..”

The St. Louis Cardinals caused a small stir within the media and online community Saturday, as they announced Matt Adams would be getting some work in left field.

Sound the alarm. Or don’t, either way, I don’t care.

There are varying opinions as to why and how this situation with Adams should play out, or why it is even playing out in the first place.

Here is what we know, and a couple of theories as to why Adams finds himself in the outfield grass right now.

Weight Loss

If you recall, Adams lost a bit of weight over the offseason, and his loss of a small cow around the waistline would in theory allow him to be more nimble.

Maybe the St. Louis Cardinals see that, and are testing that out.

Adams has a pretty solid glove, and it wouldn’t hurt to see if the additional poundage could allow him to use that fielding ability elsewhere.

Lord willing if his bat comes around, they would love to see an average 5th outfielder better than Tommy Pham, and have Jose Martinez continue to have the hot streak he is on as the fourth outfielder.

Spring Training Hijinks

In our usual chat for the RedBird Daily, where we talk about all things Cardinals, my colleague Zach Gifford  said it best.

Zach is a wise wise man.

It is Spring Training, and there is literally no harm or foul in playing a guy in left field, where games do not matter, and seeing if he is worth a darn.

I mean somehow Tim Tebow is allowed to play on a Major League roster (who the Cardinals happened to face today), so Matt Adams should be allowed to right?

Trade Bait Value

I spoke about this a little bit when I was on 590 Heavy Hitters on Wednesday, but there is a very distinct possibility Matt Adams could be moved before the season begins.

The Cardinals are a smart organization, and could just be using this as an opportunity to get him more at bats, see if he might add more value to a team that could use it (I’m looking at you Colorado Rockies), and in return add some more pieces to their farm system, or possible draft picks.

Adams struggled mightily to start the spring, but has showcased some power as of late, showing off a retooled swing.

What confuses me most…

The most interesting part about Adams just now getting work in left field that I think perplexes most Cardinal junkies is the timing of this new “training.”

The season is literally two weeks away, and Adams is just now getting instruction? Seems just a tad odd to me, but what the hell do I know, I just write for the best St. Louis Cardinals blog on the internet.

Would love to know your thoughts Cardinals fans.


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