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St. Louis Cardinals: Interview with Chris Chinea

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a Q&A interview with Cardinals minor leaguer, Chris Chinea. Chinea attended Louisiana State University, and was drafted in the 17th round of the 2015 MLB June Amateur Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals. Below are a few questions and answers from our interview. Enjoy!

Q – What has been your favorite part of the offseason?

A – My favorite part of this offseason has been being able to be with my family and fiancé.

Q – What was it was like being drafted by an MLB Franchise, such as the Cardinals?

A – Being drafted by a franchise like the cardinals is an honor. This franchise has so much history of success and will continue to be a top franchise in this league.

Q – In your baseball career, what has been your most memorable moment? If not the same, In you first few years in the Minor Leagues, what has been your most memorable moment?

A – In my baseball career my most memorable moment has been in 2015 at LSU being SEC champs for the third year in a row and going to Omaha. In the minor leagues, it was last season in Peoria clinching the playoffs in the first half.

Q – Throughout your baseball journey, who is someone you have always looked up to?

A – Throughout this journey there are two people I have and will continue to look up to, and they are my parents. They have been there for me since day one, and even though they didn’t play sports, they have mastered their career paths. Their hard work and dedication has helped me more than anything.

Q – During the offseason, do you pay attention to any of the rumors of possibly being included in a trade?

A – No, I do not pay attention to any of that. I just worry about getting ready for the upcoming season.

Q – What do you think of the big league club heading into 2017? With the addition of Dexter Fowler.

A – The big league club is going to win a lot of games like they always do.

Q – What are you most excited for in the 2017 season?

A – I am excited to get back on the field and compete.

Q – At what point in your life did you really get serious about baseball?

A – I started playing when I was two years old and once I was six or seven years old it became serious, with travel ball down in South Florida.

Q – Who was your favorite team/player growing up?

A – My favorite team was the Marlins and my favorite player was Alex Rodriguez

Q – Which current or former player do you compare your game to most?

A – I try not to compare my game to anyone else, and just try focusing on improving on every aspect of the game. Everyone has their own style of playing the game.

Q – Do you think Opening Day should be a national holiday?

A – Yes I do

Thank you for reading!

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