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St. Louis Cardinals: Hello, It’s Me (Revisiting Former Cardinals)

Former Cardinal Matt Holliday

First things first: The title of this article is referencing a Todd Rundgren classic, not 2015’s most overplayed song by Adele. Shame on you for thinking I would stoop so low. Moving on.

Former Cardinal Matt Holliday

As the Cardinals roll into Yankee Stadium this weekend they will see a very familiar face in the other dugout. His name is Matt Holliday. Remember him? Of course you do, he was a Cardinal a short 6 months ago. Some understood that it was time to move on. Others were devastated (my wife!) and the wound has yet to heal. Crazy how baseball goes, Holliday signs with a team we seemingly play once every 10 years, but here we are about to face him in game number 10 of this young season.

In this era of rapid player movement via free agency; seeing prominent, cornerstone players move on is commonplace. With that in mind, I decided to do a rundown of some other key players that the Cardinals have moved on from in recent memory. This is by no means a deeply analytical look at these players. I’m not out to prove whether or not the Cardinals made the right call with each individual. It’s just a simple, fun look at some of the traditional numbers for these guys before, during, and after their Cardinals careers.


Former Cardinals Hitters

Against The Cardinals

* denotes active player

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