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St. Louis Cardinals: Go Home Cardinals Fans You’re Drunk

Cards fans will love Dexter Fowler
  • Put down the beers Cardinals fans.

Give me your keys, you need to go home.

Deal with the sobering fact Dexter Fowler and Brett Cecil are the only major acquisitions the boys in red made this off-season.

General Manager John Mozeliak keeps about as close of a hand to his chest as anybody, but this off-season didn’t really fool anyone. He went  his usual safe and fiscally responsible route again. Sure the money was there, and Cards fans bought the hype, but at the end “Mo”-ney-ball (totally trademarking this) played out.

If you thought Edwin Encarnacion was going to be a Bird, you are delusional. A 20 million dollar/year deal doesn’t coincide with the front office strategy employed by Mozeliak and company, and to think otherwise was nonsensical at best.

Chances are Mozeliak didn’t even make the call on the whole Brian Dozier cocktail that most of you were sipping.

For the record – I too am excited by the prospect of adding a proven big bat to the line up. But Mo and every other baseball businessman knew that conversation probably began and ended with words like Alex Reyes, and Jack Flaherty.

Would it have been a big move? Yes. But this is St. Louis, and the only big moves being made are that pathetic excuse of a football team that landed in Los Angeles.

I urge you to “Trust in Mo,” a phrase that will be tested this year more than ever, as the expectation among the St. Louis fan base is to overtake the Chicago Cubs in a division that might take 100 games to win.

Mozeliak rides in the parade.
Mozeliak waving to fans during a parade. What can this man not do honestly?

Gone is the “thump” (Moss, Holliday are taking/took their talents elsewhere) in our lineup, but with it comes more flexibility and athleticism at multiple positions.

You have young outfielders who will play to their strengths (gap to gap hitting, consistent defensive play), an interesting pair of young talent up the middle (Diaz/Wong) and a potential superstar duo of Martinez and Reyes forming as your future 1-2 combo.

QUIT DRINKING Cardinals fans, we are not the Cubs, and we do things a different way.

Realize that it took Cubs GM Theo Epstein a few years to build the team that ended the 100 year World Series drought in Chicago, and with that also realize it might take ‘Mo to do the same.

The core player group is shifting.

Matt Carpenter, Aledmys Diaz, Stephen Piscotty, Reyes and now Fowler are the new Wainwright/Chris Carpenter, Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds and Yadier Molina.

This is Mozeliak telling us he wants to build a perennial contender, not a one-hit wonder.

It’s time to sober up and go home my fellow RedBird enthusiasts – free agency and big trades are not our drink of choice. Down a glass of water and understand the fact that it takes more than money and flashy moves to win a pennant, at least consistently.

2017 might not be the year, but check yourself and realize this club can still win 90+ games. Look to the next five years of youth infusion, fiscal prosperity and smart baseball.

This is St. Louis, we know what we’re doing.


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