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Buy or Sell: Fake News, Bader’s Dad and Lynn’s Value

Every week (likely every Friday morning) I’ll post “Buy or Sell” – where I give a thumbs up or thumbs down to various Cardinals trends/topics/musings that are commonly discussed throughout the week.

With that said, let’s get underway for the week of July 23rd. 

Is Lance Lynn done as a St. Louis Cardinal?

I have never been more back and forth on a potential player leaving the team than Lance Lynn.

The team is in a pickle – yes Lynn has value right now, but the Cardinals are not out of the race mathematically.

If the Birds went out and got an impact bat and a solid reliever without having to give up Lynn, this team could really make a run in a still very winnable division.

The question is, can they do that without giving up one of the hottest names on the trade market.

It’s tough to say yes. The Cards want to have their cake and eat it too, as a perfect scenario would not be giving up one of their most reliable starters and still improve this deadline.

This is the one take I hope I get wrong, as I think Lynn has been a very serviceable starter for the St. Louis Cardinals for years now. Sure you may hate him at times, but you know more or less what you’re getting out of Lynn every time he takes the mound.

Ask anyone with baseball knowledge – that assurance is a very comforting feeling.

Despite the fact Lynn is super valuable right now, I think the Cards front office hangs on and either goes in with a qualifying offer this off-season (Lynn would be dumb not to test his free agency) and if they miss, gain a draft pick.

Verdict: (Hopeful) SELL 

Does Harrison Bader have the coolest father ever?

Short answer – yes.

It might be every father’s dream to see his son become a professional athlete, but for Louis Bader, dad to the St. Louis Cardinals newest center fielder, he has gotten the week of a lifetime.

Not only did his rookie son, Harrison Bader, play and start for the Birds on the Bat, in his very first game, he was able to give his dad an enormous gift – scoring the winning run Tuesday night against the Colorado Rockies.

Before tagging up on a sacrifice fly from Jedd Gyroko, Bader doubled for his first Major League Baseball hit.

What a time to be alive for Harrison Bader and his father, Louis.

Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the St. Louis Post Dispatch interviewed the elder Bader after his son was called up:

“I’m proud, but it’s not about me,” Louis said. “It’s all about him. He’s the one who worked really hard. He deserves it. I was just along for the ride. It’s all about him. I am very proud.”

Louis and Harrison are taking the MLB by storm, and St. Louis has found a cool father-son duo to get behind.

Definitely not a Colby Rasmus situation.

Verdict: Buy, buy, buy 

Cardinals acquire O’Neill, trades coming?

Within the last week, the St. Louis Cardinals traded farmhand Marco Gonzales for power hitter Tyler O’Neill.

In what is being viewed as a major coup for St. Louis, the Cardinals will also be sad to see their once heralded top pitching prospect head west.

Gonzales was a class act and fast-riser through the Cardinal system, having appeared in the Major Leagues a few times and suffering a season-ending injury last year.

In return, the Cardinals add another talented outfielder in O’Neill to an already overpopulated system (including the aforementioned Harrison Bader) of talent at the position.

Although outfielders weren’t of need, what O’Neill brings is something no other minor league talent currently has, or projects at the Major League level – pure power.

O’Neill drops bombs like we’re in the Middle East, and the Cardinals will hopefully see some return on that, as he is projected to be an eventual fourth or fifth spot hitter in the line up.

I like the fact the Cardinals traded a pitcher who would probably never crack the rotation due to the influx of incoming starters for a guy that fills an immediate need in the system.

When is a source just another guy on Twitter with an opinion? 

Twitter can get pretty wild at times.

I would know, I once argued with a man about the validity of having your toast burned versus unburned.

Aside from my breakfast bread preferences, the MLB trade deadline always grows Twitter “sources” who will inevitably fool the common man with fake trade fodder.

This week was a prime example of that as the deadline is drawing nearer and nearer, and those without any ambition in life will bite at the first hot take available.

For journalists with credibility, it can land you in hot water.

For bloggers with a reputation, it can bury you.

A word to the wise for our readers, check your “source” and his/her reputation before jumping into any rabbit hole regarding a potential trade.

People are having heart attacks out here believing these “true insiders,” so save yourself a trip to the emergency room, check your facts, and don’t become a part of #FakeNews

One thing is for sure, if our RedBird Daily account tweets it out, you know it’s been verified with reputable sources and heavy consideration.

Sure we fly off the cuff and get colorful here, but we always double check our answers.



Thanks for reading, follow me for a ton of non #FakeNews here: @TonOfClayton 

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