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St. Louis Cardinals: Buy or Sell – Week of July 9th

Every week (likely every Friday morning) I’ll post “Buy or Sell” – where I give a thumbs up or thumbs down to various Cardinals trends/topics/musings that are commonly discussed throughout the week.

With that said, let’s get underway for the week of July 9th.

Kolten Wong & Kevin Siegrist to return, while Luke Weaver & Alex Meijia sent down

Both the Major League All-Star game and Home Run Derby came and went this week, and boy was it a lot of fun to watch.

While all the festivities took place, a pair of moves were made Tuesday morning to shore up the St. Louis Cardinals roster.

I’ll be the first to admit, I welcome back Kolten Wong with open arms.

Hatred, disgust and overall spite have been the tone I have taken with young Kolten, but honestly, this club is better with him, and the numbers show it.

On top of that, the Matt Carpenter to second base move isn’t proving to be the greatest position change ever, and it’s really making me wonder where Carpenter CAN be a plus defender.

Siegrist I’m less sure about, since his DL trip and subsequent rehab assignments weren’t stellar by any means.

I don’t like the fact adding him means sending Weaver down – but Weaver is best served as a starter long term, and Siegrist is a bullpen guy. With seemingly no place other than a spot start or injury right now, Weaver will go back down to Memphis and continue to dominate as a starting pitcher.

Cardinals fans everywhere are hoping Siegrist can retain his form and quit pissing his pants out of the pen.

Verdict: Buy

Martinez, Molina shine at All-Star Game

Something else to take away from the All-Star festivities was how GOOD St. Louis’ representatives (Carlos Martinez, Yadier Molina) were.

Martinez dazzled and delighted, blowing fastballs by the American Leaguers for four strikeouts in his appearance.

Carlos dazzled and delighted this week at the Major League All-Star Game.

While Martinez was dominating on the mound, Yadier Molina was putting on a full show for the people of Miami – including the most memorable moment of the game, with a “frame job” showcasing his camera skills.

Did I mention his gear? – holy gold.

The very next half-inning, he put the National League on the board with a home-run.

Although the American League ended up winning the game – it’s hard to say anybody else shined brighter down in Miami.

What I love about these moments most is that two of the St. Louis Cardinals best and prominent players performing really well in big game situations.

Carlos striking out four All-Stars is nuts. These are the elected best hitters in baseball, and he sat them down one after one.

If you are a fan of the Cardinals, you should be more than happy with what you saw. The fact both Martinez and Molina got through the game healthy, and are riding a high coming back into the second half of the season is nothing but good news for the Birds.

Hopefully their success infects others in the clubhouse and things start trending upward.

Verdict: Buy, Buy, Buy 

Cubs Trade Four Prospects for Jose Quintana

Sure this move isn’t a St. Louis Cardinals one, but it 100% affects the team as their fiercest rival in the division just got a front-line starter they desperately needed.

In exchange for the now former White Sox hurler, the Chicago Cubs gave up four prospects – headlined by Eloy Jimenez, considered by every prospect/minors evaluation system as a top 10 player.

The White Sox now feature nine (!!!!!!) top 100 prospects in all of Major League Baseball. Look out Southside Chicago.

The Cubs needed a starter plain and simple, because other than Wade Davis the pitching has been less than stellar all season, as the club finds itself in second place behind the Milwaukee Brewers.

This move is one that hopes to rectify that situation, while securing Quintana for an additional three years.

How does this affect the Cardinals? Well for one, we will now get a dose of Jose a few times a year.

But more importantly, it set the standard as far as prospects go for trade talent at the deadline.

The Cardinals reportedly showed interest in Quintana, but after seeing that price tag, quietly backed off.

As St. Louis moves into the deadline, it will have to evaluate just how much impact their own minor league studs may have on the club’s future.

I like that the Cardinals didn’t reach, as a prospect haul of that nature would probably decimate the system. The Cubs are flushed with prospects (although now have none in the top 100), and will rebound just fine after President Theo Epstein did a great job building the farm over the last few seasons.

Excuse me now while I go throw up for applauding a Cubs move.

Either way, this was a win for St. Louis, as they didn’t give up prospects for a guy they didn’t really need, but would love to have.

Verdict: Buy 


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