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Redbird Daily Writers to Join The Cardinal Conclave

The Redbird Daily is happy to announce that our team will be joining forces with the Cards Conclave. Though the Redbird Daily will still being putting out content throughout the remainder of this season, you will begin to see crossover material between the sites, some of which is detailed below.

In it’s short life, the Redbird Daily has served as home to such major undertakings as “Cards Madness”, annual Top 30 Prospect rankings, and the 100 Greatest Cardinals series. It has also served as a launching point for several talented bloggers that you now see and hear on other sites and podcasts.

Our remaining staff saw a crowded (and growing) Cardinals blogosphere and an opportunity to team up with the Blogfather himself, Daniel Shoptaw, to create a more concentrated center for Cardinals content.

The following is the Press Release from Cards Conclave:

The Cardinal Conclave is proud to announce that Adam Butler, Colin Garner, Rusty Groppel, Graham Jacobi, Austin Lamb, and Allen Medlock of The Redbird Daily will be bringing their insights and contributions to the Conclave in the near future.

All of these authors have contributed pieces to The Redbird Daily in its year and a half of existence. In addition, Adam and Rusty are the voices behind the popular Bird Law podcast while Allen is a co-host on the weekly Meet Me at Musial podcast. Colin’s work in the minor league area is well-known and he co-hosts the Prospect To Be Named Later podcast.

“I could not be happier to add these voices to the Conclave,” says Daniel Shoptaw, co-creator and administrator of the site. “All of these guys are smart, thoughtful Cardinal fans and I’m glad to be able to have them on our team. This is going to be a lot of fun.”

“On behalf of all of my Redbird Daily colleagues, we’re extremely proud of what we’ve produced over the last 2 seasons“, Rusty Groppel of the Redbird Daily states. “That being said, with so much Cardinals content spread across so many blogs, consolidating our two sites will create a much more convenience experience for our readers. Additionally we’re very excited about the vast potential for future content that our union with Daniel can bring.”

The merger will begin in earnest on July 1st, with a re-release of the Cardinals Top 30 prospects, currently available at the Redbird Daily. Articles will run daily through July, leading up to Colin’s mid-season prospect update later in the month. August will feature a re-release of this winter’s 100 Greatest Cardinals Series, starting August 1st and running through Labor Day. Our writers will also provide crossover content on both sites throughout the rest of the baseball season with a full transition to happen in the offseason.

Adam and Rusty will be expanding their podcast “brand” by writing a new blog with the Bird Law moniker under the Conclave umbrella, while Colin will be taking over the Prospect Preacher blog that has been in existence on the site for a number of years. Allen, Austin, and Graham’s writing locations are still to be determined.

The guys are joining a site that features C70 At The Bat, a regular blog written by Daniel (@C70), as well as Baseball Geek in Galveston, written by Doug Vollet (@drv421g), and Dennis Lawson’s (@gr33nazn) contributions to Pitchers Hit Eighth, as well as submissions from Mike Metzger (@metzgermg) on his blog West Coast Redbird and Josh Gilliam (@aprfool79) on various blogs, including Pitchers Hit Eighth.

You can follow the new writers on Twitter at @lancedance1 (Adam), @colingarner22 (Colin), @hes_verygood (Rusty), @amedlock1 (Allen), @lambo26 (Austin), and @graham_stl (Graham).


Check out what the Cards Conclave already has to offer by clicking here.

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