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Redbird Daily Rewind: Michael Wacha, Mike Matheny, more

Week three of The Redbird Daily saw the continuous stream of quality Cardinals content continue. Here are the five most read stories from the past week.

1. The Michael Wacha predicament

Michael Wacha’s role in 2017 has yet to be determined, while the pitcher believes he will throw 200 innings this year. Zach takes a look at what may have been the cause for Wacha’s struggles. He also looks at what it might take for Wacha to rejoin the starting rotation.

2. A look at rising and falling prospects 

In this post, I examine three prospects on each side of the pendulum swing. A couple former “big name” prospects who struggled last year and have seen their prospect status fall for 2017, but could regain it with a strong season. Also, a couple of prospects your probably didn’t know much about before the 2016 season who are in position to be inside the top 10

3. Poll: Who will be the next Cardinal to get into the Hall of Fame?

With the 2017 MLB Hall of Fame class announcement, I wondered who would be the next Cardinals player inducted into Cooperstown. Scott Rolen goes on the ballot next year, and I think it should be him. Following Rolen, you have Lance Berkman, then eventually guys like Carlos Beltran and Albert Pujols. I also looked at the cases for current Cards Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina.

4. The case against Mike Matheny

Colin’s second post in a two-part series examining manager Mike Matheny focuses on the negative side. It’s interesting that the post against Matheny received more reads than the case for the manager. Colin brings some good information and good points to both sides of the discussion.

5. Revisiting the 2013 Cardinals prospect class

Zach makes his second appearance on the Rewind with a look back at the 2013 prospect class, a class that featured 6 Cardinals in Baseball America’s top 100. That time period was the “golden era” of Cardinals prospects. The Cardinals minor league system hasn’t quite recovered from that big hit of minor leaguers making the big leagues, but it is getting better every year and should be a top 10 system for 2017.

Thanks for checking us out this week. Hopefully week four is even better!

John Nagel


Father, husband, teacher who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Grew up in St. Louis and has been a huge Cards fan as long as I can remember.
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