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Redbird Daily Rewind: Carpenter, Weaver, predictions

John Mozeliak deserves credit

It was a pretty awesome first week at The Redbird Daily. In my head I had a pretty good idea of how it would go and it played out that way pretty perfectly. We had 19 posts from Sunday to Saturday on various topics. We had analytical posts, fun posts, thought-provoking posts, basically something for everyone. It was a great start.

One feature I am going to bring to The Redbird Daily that I did over at The Kangaroo Court is a weekly recap where I bring you the five most read stories from the past week. So here goes the first edition of the Redbird Daily Rewind.

1. Go home Cardinals fans, you’re drunk

Clay takes the top spot in our first rewind with this masterful piece on how the Cardinals have improved this off-season and how Cards fans should not expect the team to make any more big moves. If you read the piece, you will see that Clay is a great wordsmith and probably takes the top spot with his eye-catching title, but his content inside the post is really good too. This post received 2,291 views as of Sunday morning.

2. StlCardsCards Season Preview

In a guest post, our friend Bruno (StlCardsCards) walks you through the 2017 season. This is another masterfully written piece that has more comedy in it than analysis. Everything from Tommy Pham‘s multiple injuries to Jon Jay‘s throwing issues in Chicago to Kolten Wong going on a vacation mid-season without the manager knowing. If you haven’t read it, click on the link and read the whole thing. This post received 1,241 views.

3. Five bold predictions for 2017

I take the number three spot in the countdown with a look at a few predictions I secretly expect to happen but classify them as “bold” so that when they don’t happen I don’t look bad. Everything from a new closer to a new third baseman to a Yadi suspension. Yes, I strayed away from serious talk for just a minute in my debut piece for The Redbird Daily. This post received 1,036 views.

4. Can Matt Carpenter bat third?

Colin gets a spot in the top 5 with this well done piece on a look at the potential batting order for the Cardinals. A big debate this long, boring off-season has been the order of the first three batters in the lineup. Colin takes his turn trying to predict where Matt Carpenter should hit in the batting order. Here is a hint, it doesn’t really matter. He is going to be fine wherever he hits. Colin’s piece received 582 views this past week.

5. What happens to Luke Weaver? 

I get another spot in the top 5 with a post looking at the possible roles Luke Weaver could play in 2017. This post was pretty popular as it did not publish until Friday. I think there are three possibilities for him, with one being the most obvious. Weaver sometimes gets forgotten thanks to the (rightfully so) emergence of Alex Reyes. I think there is a good chance Weaver isn’t with the Cardinals organization by August 1st. This post received 503 views.

From everyone at The Redbird Daily, thank you so much for reading and checking us out! We have big things coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

John Nagel

Father, husband, teacher who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Grew up in St. Louis and has been a huge Cards fan as long as I can remember.
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