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Please bring back the “victory blue” uniform

In 1976, the Cardinals decided to ditch the historical road gray uniforms and replace them with the stylish at the time, powder blue uniforms. Powder blue, the name,  did not sit well with ownership. Gussie Busch, owner at the time, decided to call this uniform “victory blues”.

Used as the only road uniform in a nine-year span from ’76 to 1984, the tops only had a couple of versions in that amount of time. For two years in 1979 and 1980 they removed the red numbers from the front of the jersey.

Seemingly more popular now than in the 80’s, the uniforms have been used for a few throwback dates in the past decade- 2007 versus the Brewers to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 1982 World Series, 2012 to commemorate winning that same World Series. In a trip to Seattle last year the victory blue uniforms were used as a throwback to the 1984 season. The St.Louis Blues have even used the victory blue tops in a game to recognize the Cardinals before the 2016 baseball season.

I realize the organization is a little traditional where uniforms are concerned. It’s been in just the past few years that they altered the Spring Training tops from the regular season white home or road gray to the red batting practice jersey.

The Royals will use their powder tops along with the white home bottoms, something the Cardinal organization frowns upon. League mandates the home pants to be white or cream and ownership won’t mismatch the uniform. I personally wouldn’t mind the color top, white bottom look.

The victory blue uniforms are extremely underutilized. I like the traditional white home and gray look. I really don’t mind the Saturday alternate with St.Louis across the chest, although they’re nowhere near as sharp as the victory blues. The specialty Sunday hat is a good idea, but not as memorable as a complete alternate color set up.

Who wouldn’t like to ditch the belt for the red,white, and blue elastic waistband? Everyone would look good in the tricolor rings.

Can we come together to find a time to showcase these beauties?


Thank goodness we’re only 18 days away from Spring Training.


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Thank you for reading.


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