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Dexter Fowler and the Bottom Feeders

St. Louis Cardinals’ center fielder Dexter Fowler got a taste of his new fan base this past week, but probably not in the way he would have liked.

Out crawled the demons and snakes after a few comments regarding a question he was asked about President Donald Trump’s recent immigration ban and its effect on his wife, who happens to be of Iranian descent.

Fowler was quoted as saying Trump’s executive order was “unfortunate” and received backlash from a number of fans, saying he should “stick to baseball,” among a number of others which I won’t include for our younger readers’ eyes.

A number of pieces have been circulating on this topic, too many in fact (as I sit here and crank out another one).

But for us at the RedBird Daily, we have to talk about it, because it involved our beloved Cardinals, and that’s what we do here – have an opinion.

Coming off this latest incident in Spring Training, I have come to realize two things about this particular Dexter Fowler hullabaloo:

1. Some of you need to be smacked.

Very hard, upside the head, multiple times, and repeatedly, for berating a player on social media about anything – especially when one of them has an opinion and states it publicly.

For the love of whatever holy presence you choose to worship in this life, you moronic sacks of excrement, realize that athletes are people and have wives and children too, and just like all of us, are entitled to have opinions, and express them.

Should they be held to a higher standard as professionals? 100%, yes absolutely in my opinion. But for some of you to come at him after a man said “it’s unfortunate” are not only downright desperate, maniacal and probably have no friends, but you should seriously consider seeking medical evaluation.

Now if he legitimately attacked the presidency or was completely out of line and made the St. Louis Cardinals organization look bad? Sure, I could see some merit to clad of weak-willed people that reared their ugly heads this week.

But he wasn’t, and that is why St. Louis will end up loving Dexter Fowler. He is a consummate professional, devoted husband and father, and from every interview I have watched – an incredible bright and intelligent individual.

Side note – I think a guy who got offered a Harvard-scholarship probably has a little bit more insight and knowledge to offer the world on what the political climate is rather than the Facebook trolls claiming to be Cardinals fans.

Dexter Fowler pays zero attention to you morons who did comment, so if you feel like you did yourself any justice, just know, nobody cares.

Furthermore, you are not fans to me, nor recognized – you are bottom feeders.

You are the catfish of the deep lake of fans this organization has grown over the years, and will continue to grow over time.

You offer zero intellectual or sports-related insight and dwell in the dark depths because you are as hideous as the day you were born. There’s a good chance you’ve never actually been to a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game, and I hope you never get to go, or choke on a bag of peanuts in the bleacher seats if you do.

Nobody needs you or wants you.

Be gone.

2. I could care less whether or not Dexter Fowler has opinion about our President.

How does that saying go?

“Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.” Yeah that’s it.

And that is exactly what I will start and end this piece with. Dexter Fowler is in a unique situation here – the fact he didn’t bring this upon himself (he was asked the question), and his wife happens to be personally affected by this, make it a difficult time no doubt for the Fowler family.

Aside from that, I could care less what his personal views are on President Trump and his administration.

By God it seems like everyone and their mother has an opinion on the man these days. You are out of your mind if you think that Dexter Fowler won’t be the only St. Louis Cardinal to get the “Trump Card” pulled on him this season.

Politics aside, I could honestly f*&^ing care less though.

What I do care about are three things – his representation of the organization, his ability to play baseball, and his willingness and overall ability to get along with his teammates.

If he can’t get seem to do those, then that is when I will start writing bad/unruly things about Dexter Fowler.

But I, nor any of us here at the RedBird Daily, will focus an analysis piece on a man who simply answered a question with the answer “it’s unfortunate.”

In all honesty, I am happy with how he handled an otherwise loaded question thrown at him. It wasn’t about baseball, and the reporter knew they were going to get “gold” with whatever answer Fowler came back with.

In my opinion, the reporter is as good as a bottom feeder as the Facebook mafia that attacked him, but I digress.

Dexter played a great hand – he was honest, represented himself, his family and the organization with class, and now we will move on.

That’s what TRUE fans and representatives of the organization do, and Dexter seems to fit the mold perfectly.

Welcome to St. Louis Mr. Fowler.

Don’t mind the bottom feeders.


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