American League Predictions Roundtable

Over the next week, The Redbird Daily writers will be participating in a few roundtable discussions on the upcoming Major League Baseball season. We would love for you to join the discussion by commenting below with your picks! Today we will tackle the American League.  American League West Kyle Reis - ASTROS

St. Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals Outfield Unlikely to Improve in 2017

St. Louis Cardinals outfield catch probability

On Tuesday, I looked at catch probability to evaluate the St. Louis Cardinals outfield. Using CPR+, I determined that Statcast was significantly lower on the Cardinals outfield than DRS and UZR. At that time, however, I made no adjustments for positioning. For example, while Piscotty is 11% below average (89 CPR+)

St. Louis Cardinals: Using Catch Probability to Evaluate the Cardinals New Look Outfield

Catch probability St. Louis Cardinals

A couple weeks ago, Statcast unveiled a new catch probability statistic. While this metric is currently only used for outfielders (it will be expanded to infielders soon), it gives us a new way to evaluate players defensively. The main metrics used in defensive evaluation are Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR) and Defensive