St. Louis Cardinals: The Bottom of the First

The Budweiser Clydesdales march on Opening Day

Baseball's opening night is near. But what it will bring? Well, I can tell you exactly how it will unfold, for last night I had a vision that was both clear and true. Shall we begin? Prologue: The Top of the 1st ‘Tis the 2nd of April in the year 2017; the

Major League Baseball Roundtable: Awards Predictions

Over the next week, The Redbird Daily writers will be participating in a few roundtable discussions on the upcoming Major League Baseball season. We would love for you to join the discussion by commenting below with your picks! Today we will tackle the major awards.  National League MVP: Clay - I'll get

St. Louis Cardinals: How Fantasy Relevant are the Redbirds? Part 2 – Pitchers

Adam Wainwright first inning struggles

After a disappointing 2016 season for many of the St. Louis Cardinals pitchers we are hoping for a bounce back season from them. The defense surely had a lot to do with the poor pitching performances. I'm a believer that the defense can be much improved over last season. This

St. Louis Cardinals: How Fantasy Relevant are the Redbirds? Part 1 – Hitters

Aledmys Diaz will join the Cardinals core group of players

If you are into fantasy baseball, then you'll know exactly where my head is at. Draft season is upon us. As far the off-season goes, my fantasy draft is symbolically the final hurdle before we get back to baseball, Cardinals baseball, on Opening Day. But as a fan I always

St. Louis Cardinals: Masters of the Low-Hanging Fruit

Image of Infielder Aaron Miles Pitching

If you came here hoping for a negative attack on the shrewd ways of the St. Louis Cardinals’ front office then you are going to be thoroughly disappointed.  I am a huge fan of John Mozeliak and the entire operation that he spearheads. I was a fan of the superbly