Bird Law: Episode 1.8 – Breakdown

The Bird Law Podcast

In this episode of Bird Law, Rusty and Adam look back on the 2017 season for the St. Louis Cardinals overall. Running through some of the good developments, the disappointments, and just general commentary on the organization this season and moving forward. Another topic of note is the firing of

Adding Birthdays & Subtracting Velocity: Why the Cardinals Won’t Re-sign Lance Lynn

Lance Lynn in deep thought.

I love Lance Lynn. Please, remember that as we move through this article, because it's going to get negative. Why wouldn't I like him, though? He's been a huge part of some very successful Cardinals teams. He competes his hind end off and when it's all over he hams it up

Bird Law, Ep. 7: Playoff Chase

Bird Law is a St. Louis Cardinals podcast

In this episode of the Bird Law Podcast, Rusty and Adam discuss the year long success of Tommy Pham, the surprising success of Jose Martinez, and the playoff chase that is truly heating up as the Cardinals roll into Wrigley Field. The Bird Law podcast, featuring contributors to the Redbird Daily,

Shades of ’06? Should Cardinals Reach Playoffs, Health Could Key Run (or An Optimist’s View)

The pennant race has certainly gotten warm. Much is left to be decided, and the picture could be much more clear following a weekend series in Chicago, but the Cardinals are certainly in the thick of things. The pessimists out there believe that it would all be for naught. Any

St. Louis Cardinals: Making Sense of the Juan Nicasio Trade

Juan Nicasio is the newest Cardinal

Early Wednesday afternoon I was notified that the St. Louis Cardinals had acquired right-handed reliever Juan Nicasio from the Phillies in exchange for minor league infielder Eliezer Alvarez. "Why now?", was my first reaction. On the surface the reason for the trade is pretty obvious. This move helps a bullpen

St. Louis Cardinals: 40-Man Scramble

John Mozeliak is very confused

Considering that the St. Louis Cardinals still have a month of baseball yet to play, and are still within reach of a playoff spot, it seems a bit early to start thinking about the offseason. But this is baseball, and part of the fun of being a fan is looking

St. Louis…Wild ‘Cards’? A Look at the Playoff Push

The Cardinals are in the heart of a playoff push

It was not all that long ago that the St. Louis Cardinals sat below .500. Third place (and briefly fourth) in an underwhelming National League Central Division. They had under-performed even the most modest expectations and were threatening fans with the prospects of a losing season. Yet even then, there