St. Louis Cardinals: Is it Time to Blow it Up?

I remember the first time I held a live hand grenade. Not fully realizing how loud the blast was going to be after I threw it, I did realize that what I held in my hand needed to be let go, because the longer I held it, the more potential for

St. Louis Cardinals: 5 short season prospects to watch

With the 2017 MLB draft completed, many of those players selected will be playing for a short season club this summer. The St. Louis Cardinals have three domestic short season clubs, the State College Spikes, the Johnson City Cardinals, and the Gulf Coast Cardinals. The Spikes open play Monday June

St. Louis Cardinals Week 10 Prospects Awards

Every Saturday (and some Fridays, like today, when my schedule allows it) until the end of the minor league season we will present you with the awards for the past weeks top pitcher and position player at each affiliate. We will include a capsule at the end of each list