Buy or Sell: Week of July 2nd

I'm going to start a new thing (and actually stick with it) for the @RedBirdDaily site. Every week (likely every Saturday morning) I'll post "Buy or Sell" - where I give a thumbs up or thumbs down to various Cardinals trends/topics/musings that are commonly discussed throughout the week. With that said, let's

St. Louis Cardinals: Is it Time to Blow it Up?

I remember the first time I held a live hand grenade. Not fully realizing how loud the blast was going to be after I threw it, I did realize that what I held in my hand needed to be let go, because the longer I held it, the more potential for

St. Louis Cardinals: 16 Reasons to Keep Losing

The St. Louis Cardinals season would get over quicker, therefore pleasing our supreme galactic timekeeper overlord Rob Manfred. All Hail Manfred. ESPN will move St. Louis up on the short list for a "30 for 30" entitled "You lost the Rams, now kick yourselves in the balls." We can all start our

St. Louis Cardinals: Ditch Nostalgia, Go With Results

Nostalgia Matheny

Shape up or ship out ladies and gentlemen - the holiday weekend is over, time for your patriotic nostalgia to end. For all of us not named Mike Shannon, we actually might have a job this morning to get to. FTR - Shannon probably still has a job, but THAT RANT THOUGH... I am 100% certain

St. Louis Cardinals: With Adams Gone, Who is Next?


If you were paying attention over the weekend to anything St. Louis Cardinals baseball (a friend of mine did not realize the news until this morning), you noticed the Birds on the Bat traded a man to the Atlanta Braves. That man was Matt Adams.  Yes, despite the rapid weight loss, and an outfield

St. Louis Cardinals: The Odd Men Out

The weather is getting warmer, and don't look now, but your St. Louis Cardinals are HOT. Yes, the bat Birds (trademark pending) are starting to come around, and although they are still hovering around .500, they just made the Atlanta Braves look like school children - even with half of a baseball

St. Louis Cardinals: Four Moves That’ll Never Happen

St. Louis Cardinals Jhonny Peralta

Take a deep breath St. Louis Cardinals fans. For now, your hometown Redbirds are back at .500 after a near sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays. Despite being the worst defensive team in baseball, anemic on the base paths, and only having two relief pitchers that seem viable right now (Matt Bowman