St. Louis Cardinals: The Most Impressive Part of Fowler’s 2016

Dexter Fowler and Matt Carpenter

The St. Louis Cardinals signed Dexter Fowler with hopes of solidifying the defense and improving the teams overall athleticism. Us fans have learned very quickly though that he brings so much more than that to the table. We all knew that he is a very good leadoff hitter. He will

St. Louis Cardinals: Finally, A Solution to the Lefty Woes

Dexter Fowler gets on base(probably)

Over the course of my St. Louis Cardinals fandom, I’ve seen many players come and go. I still consider myself to be among the younger generation of Cardinals fans. I didn’t see Whiteyball in the 80’s and I barely remember any of the 90’s. Seeing Mark McGwire slug 70

St. Louis Cardinals: 2017’s New Look Offense

Matt Carpenter

After a 2016 season where the home run was king, the St. Louis Cardinals are searching for a different look to their offense. The losses of Matt Holliday, Brandon Moss and Jeremy Hazelbaker will surely have a big impact on the Cardinals home run total. Instead of replacing those players

St. Louis Cardinals: 2017’s Biggest Defensive Improvement

Much has been made of the St. Louis Cardinals defense this offseason. The addition of Dexter Fowler should add much more consistency and reliability to the outfield defense. But the biggest defensive upgrade will be caused by the trickle down effect from the Fowler signing. Randal Grichuk will be a