Bird Law 1.10: Mike & (The Player Formerly Known as) Mike

The Bird Law Podcast

On this episode of the Bird Law podcast, Rusty and Adam discuss the recent coaching staff changes: the return of Jose Oquendo and hirings of Willie McGee, Brian Eversgerd, and Mike Maddux. We dive head first into the Giancarlo Stanton rumors as well as other potential moves as the offseason

Bird Law: Episode 1.8 – Breakdown

The Bird Law Podcast

In this episode of Bird Law, Rusty and Adam look back on the 2017 season for the St. Louis Cardinals overall. Running through some of the good developments, the disappointments, and just general commentary on the organization this season and moving forward. Another topic of note is the firing of

Bird Law, Ep. 7: Playoff Chase

Bird Law is a St. Louis Cardinals podcast

In this episode of the Bird Law Podcast, Rusty and Adam discuss the year long success of Tommy Pham, the surprising success of Jose Martinez, and the playoff chase that is truly heating up as the Cardinals roll into Wrigley Field. The Bird Law podcast, featuring contributors to the Redbird Daily,