Buy or Sell: The Beginning of the End, Waiver Trade Coming?

Every week (likely every Saturday morning) I’ll post “Buy or Sell” – where I give a thumbs up or thumbs down to various St. Louis Cardinals trends/topics/musings that are commonly discussed throughout the week. With that said, let’s get underway for the week of August 18 The Beginning of the End of the

Racism has no place in baseball

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There are times when society seems to take a hundred steps back in returning to what it once was. Most recently, the events in Charlottesville – and the aftermath – have split society into those whose heads are in the midst of WWII, and those whose are not. I’m not

St.Louis Cardinals: It’s time to leave the comfort zone

John Mozeliak has used the term "comfort zone" on several occasions when describing the organizational approach to team improvement.  The club has been hesitant to acquire players through trades that have short term contract commitments.  This practice has allowed the Cardinals to keep a farm system focused on development and