St Louis Cardinals: Day Off

Sigh. It’s an off-day for the Cardinals, and off-days suck. Forget ties, off-days are like kissing your sister, and my sister uses way too much tongue. The worst thing about off-days is that I suddenly feel lost in life, wondering what I’m going to do with the 3, or if you’re

St. Louis Cardinals: It’s never too early to judge

The Cardinals have played 8 games. Clearly this gives us enough information to judge them. Join me if you will while I evaluate all of the off-season hot topics, and grade how well they have turned out this year. Base-Running B+ How to describe the Cardinals 2016 base-running? It was bad. Terribly bad.

St. Louis Cardinals: Looking at the bullpen disaster

Platinum recording artist Drake once said, "I know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing." If that was any reference to the St. Louis Cardinals bullpen situation this season, then yes, the bullpen has been called upon more often than not. However when that that bullpen phone rings, not only

The Matheny: If Poe was a Cards Fan

Once upon a midnight dreary, while Mozeliak pondered, weak and weary, Over many a historic and storied volume of Cardinal lore, While he nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As if someone was gently rapping, rapping at his office door. “Tis some scout”, he muttered, “tapping at my office door, only this,

St. Louis Cardinals: Slow start reminiscent of 2011

Yadier Molina

After falling to the Reds on Sunday afternoon, the Cardinals record dropped to 2-4. After going toe-to-toe with the Cubs, the Cards looked flat against Cincinnati. They were shut out twice, on Friday and Sunday, and Carlos Martinez was roughed up in his second outing. The slow start reminded many of