St. Louis Cardinals: Why I’m Taking the Under

Within the last week, Vegas released the predicted win totals for each Major League team, including our beloved St. Louis Cardinals. If you were wondering, 87.5 is the number we clocked in at. I don't see it, in fact, I put money on it. You all have read (for those of you have

Cardinals Hacking Scandal: A sigh of relief

John Mozeliak is damn good

The investigation into the hacking of the Houston Astros database has gone on forever. Major League Baseball put the matter to rest, punishing the Cardinals by taking away their first two draft picks in the upcoming 2017 MLB Draft and fining them $2 million. The Cardinals caught a huge huge huge

Major League Baseball: Slow the F%$k Down

A friend of mine sent my group chat one of the most ridiculous and nonsensical pieces of information I have ever heard this week. It wasn't the latest video of protests to Trump, some fan remake of "Bad & Boujee," or our usual crazy sports reaction stories. No, it was something much worse. By the way,

A look back at the 1987 St. Louis Cardinals

Its fun to look back at successful St. Louis Cardinals teams from the past. You can run across monster numbers from players like Albert Pujols, or pitching performances from Bob Gibson that forced baseball to change its rules in regards to pitching mounds. There is also teams that won games,