St. Louis Cardinals: Looking at the bullpen disaster

Platinum recording artist Drake once said, "I know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing." If that was any reference to the St. Louis Cardinals bullpen situation this season, then yes, the bullpen has been called upon more often than not. However when that that bullpen phone rings, not only

St. Louis Cardinals: Bullpen Implodes/ Broxton’s Days Could Be Numbered

To paraphrase Harry Dunn in regards to the Cardinals, Just when I thought you couldn't POSSIBLY get any worse, you go and play a game like that...and TOTALLY REDEEM--wait, never mind. No redemption to be found here. The St. Louis Cardinals bullpen outdid their own futility on Monday night in Washington,

What We Learned: The (Over) Reaction to the Cubs Series

The first series of 2017 for your St. Louis Cardinals is in the books. It's officially time to freak out. Fans were treated to a walk off win in game one, a fart of a loss in game two, and a bullpen blow up loss in game three. When all was said in