Bird Law: A St. Louis Cardinals Podcast, Episode 2 – Tradewinds

Bird Law is a St. Louis Cardinals podcast

The Bird Law podcast seeks to bring added perspective to our Cardinals coverage. With the opportunity to converse back and forth, we can go beyond what can be discussed in individual, written articles. We hope to give opinions from a fan's point-of-view, but with a sensible and pragmatic approach. In episode

St. Louis Cardinals: Is it Time to Blow it Up?

I remember the first time I held a live hand grenade. Not fully realizing how loud the blast was going to be after I threw it, I did realize that what I held in my hand needed to be let go, because the longer I held it, the more potential for

St. Louis Cardinals: 16 Reasons to Keep Losing

The St. Louis Cardinals season would get over quicker, therefore pleasing our supreme galactic timekeeper overlord Rob Manfred. All Hail Manfred. ESPN will move St. Louis up on the short list for a "30 for 30" entitled "You lost the Rams, now kick yourselves in the balls." We can all start our