St. Louis Cardinals: Jedd Gyorko Alters 3B Conversation

Just 5 days ago I advocated the idea that the Cardinals should trade for Josh Donaldson, should he come available. I'm not backtracking on that. If the opportunity to grab an MVP-caliber player presents itself then the Cardinals must certainly make a play. However, Jedd Gyorko has emerged as a

St. Louis Cardinals and Toronto Blue Jays: Current Opponents, Future Trade Partners?

Donaldson could be centerpiece of cardinals blue jays trade

Welcome to the birdcage. For the next 3 days, Busch Stadium will play host to a matchup between the Cardinals and the Blue Jays. Two of the most distinct looking of the small birds, these teams also similarly sputtered out of the gate this season. The Cardinals have found ways

St. Louis Cardinals winning, but Lack Discipline


It feels so good to get back to doing what I do for the RedBird Daily - this week off moving to Chicago has been a whirlwind. You know what also feels good? Winning baseball games. That's what the St. Louis Cardinals are doing, in some fashion at least, and since everyone (including

St. Louis Cardinals Ride the “Mike Trike” to Series Sweep

I bet you didn't know that Lance Lynn's legal first name is Michael. Well, it sure is, but that's not all that he has in common with fellow starters Mike Leake and Michael Wacha. Through the first three turns of the rotation these three have been far and away the

St. Louis Cardinals Have Sided with Defense at 3B Before, and Should Again.

Greg Garcia Makes Great Play

The Matt Adams in Left Field show has been a hot topic in this young season. Coming in a close second, and somewhat connect to it, has been the Third Base discussion. Many have called for Matt Adams to be played regularly at First Base while pushing current starter, Matt

St. Louis Cardinals: Hello, It’s Me (Revisiting Former Cardinals)

Former Cardinal Matt Holliday

First things first: The title of this article is referencing a Todd Rundgren classic, not 2015's most overplayed song by Adele. Shame on you for thinking I would stoop so low. Moving on. As the Cardinals roll into Yankee Stadium this weekend they will see a very familiar face in the

St. Louis Cardinals: Reversal of fortune

Brett Cecil throwing in Spring Training

The St. Louis Cardinals finally had a bit of good fortune Wednesday, beating Washington ace Max Scherzer. The good feelings the club felt after Opening Day were eroded by bad baseball over the next seven games. Beating Scherzer behind a fantastic start from Mike Leake my be the win needed