St. Louis Cardinals: A Potential 25 Man Shit Show

With the St. Louis Cardinals 2017 season in the rear view mirror, mercifully, there has already been a ton of speculation about what the Cardinals' front office should do to bolster their roster for a playoff run in 2018. According to Derrick Goold's piece in this Sunday's St. Louis Post

Adding Birthdays & Subtracting Velocity: Why the Cardinals Won’t Re-sign Lance Lynn

Lance Lynn in deep thought.

I love Lance Lynn. Please, remember that as we move through this article, because it's going to get negative. Why wouldn't I like him, though? He's been a huge part of some very successful Cardinals teams. He competes his hind end off and when it's all over he hams it up

Cardinals: 2017 End Of Season Minor League All-Star Team

2017 was a great year for the Cardinals minor league affiliates. The top six affiliates went a combined 384-312, 62 games over .500. There were a ton of great season by a ton of different players, and what we are going to do here is name one player at each

Bird Law, Ep. 7: Playoff Chase

Bird Law is a St. Louis Cardinals podcast

In this episode of the Bird Law Podcast, Rusty and Adam discuss the year long success of Tommy Pham, the surprising success of Jose Martinez, and the playoff chase that is truly heating up as the Cardinals roll into Wrigley Field. The Bird Law podcast, featuring contributors to the Redbird Daily,

Checking on the Cardinals Vegas Odds

John Mozeliak is very confused

Whether you are a bookie, a weekend slots players, or addicted gambler - everybody loves talking about odds. Yes, the time old tradition of odds-making even finds its way into Major League Baseball, as every season Las Vegas casinos release their win total projections for each MLB team. While they change on