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Cardinals Sign Cuban Prospect Garcia

Just after 6:00 PM Central Time the Cardinals sent out this press release via twitter:

The brother of Atlanta Braves 3rd baseman Adonis Garcia, the soon to be 24 year old Adolis Garcia is an intriguing prospect. He’s older than most Cuban Internation Signee’s, and I think he profiles more as a solid depth piece for the organization as opposed to a prospect worth touting.

Nevertheless, Garcia will be a fun player to keep an eye on. It’s been reported that he has elite speed, graded out at one point as a 70 on the 20-80 scale, and has shown the chops to play CF. You can never have enough guys in the organization that play CF.

Garcia will get you immediately excited with the numbers he’s put up in Cuba, he was even an MVP of Cuba’s Top Professional League, but really struggled over a small sample of 117 AB’s while playing in the Japanese minor leagues, not the premier league. Garcia slashed .234/.274/.396 over those 117AB while K-ing 37 times. Baseball America’s Ben Badler has reported that he has a quick bat, but it gets long sometimes. Badler also reported that Garcia struggles with identifying the off speed stuff, and the numbers in Japan show a player that is an extreme free swinger.

As my colleague and near-idol John Nagel and I discussed on twitter, he probably isn’t a top 30 prospect in the Cardinals system, at least in our rankings. However, I am tempted to bump our #30 prospect back a spot to get Garcia in on the party.

I do think that the somewhat hefty $2.5 million that the Cardinals signed him to is, at the very least, an indication that they think he is near major league capable.

The Cardinals now have a handful of guys really competing for the 5th OF spot in camp, or the 4th spot when Tommy Pham gets hurt by Memorial Day. It should be interesting to see how guys like Anthony Garcia, Jose Martinez, Austin Wilson, and Adolis Garcia all compare to each other during spring training.

It undoubtedly signals that the Cardinals will be active and aggressive in pursuing other Cuban prospects such as the 19 year old OF Luis Robert (who I think they are all in on) and 18 year old LHP Osvaldo Hernandez.

Kyle Reis
Kyle is a South City St Louis born and raised. He is 30 years old and grew up at old Busch Stadium. His favorite Cardinals player of all time is Ray Lankford. Kyle is an overly simple person who loves countable baseball statistics, following minor league baseball, and friendly discourse. He tends to not take people seriously that refer for the team that they root for as "we" instead of "them".
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