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Cardinals Musings: Waino’s future, injury prone Fowler, and Mayers stink

Mother Nature has decided to bring a halt to the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates game, so let’s have a quick chat. A lot happened in Cardinal Nation this week, so a dose of musings are in order. Crack open a beer and lean back.

  • If it’s okay with John Mozeliak and Michael Girsch, can Mike Mayers never pitch for the Cardinals in the Majors again? He’s not good. At all. In ten career innings with the St. Louis team, Mayers has allowed 22 earned runs. Let him have his ass kicked elsewhere.
  • Adam Wainwright got an injection in his right arm to help with the flat 86 mph dispensing baseball problem he’s had over the last two starts, but I don’t see him contributing much the rest of the way. Look, he’s 36 years old and has miraculously won 12 games this season. But, he’s also been beat around, as one can see with his bloated ERA. I love the guy, but he is clearly on the downward slope of his career.
  • Chris Carpenter is back in the dugout this weekend in Pittsburgh. This should fire up the young players on this team and enliven the vets. Carpenter has an ability to cut through the bullshit in his dealings with players, so hopefully he can establish some order. When he is ready to come back, a dugout job has to be offered to Carpenter. The man has been through it all in the Majors. An underrated pitcher and all time fiery individual.
  • I imagine Carpenter and Wainwright having a heart to heart where the elder statesman tells his former teammate to cut the shit and come clean on the amount of pain he’s in. If Waino listens to anyone, it would be Carpenter, his mentor.
  • Mike Leake has stunk it up for two months now, but do we really think he’s injured? The man may simply not be as good as his contract leads some fans to believe.
  • The rotation could use a fresh dose of dominance. I heart Justin Verlander is available. Don’t be cheap, Cardinals. The Cubs went out and got Jose Quintana to aide their rotation, so the Cardinals can’t resist the urge to trade some of their baby birds away and improve right now.
  • Dexter Fowler was held out of today’s lineup due to back pain. Imagine what kind of season he would be having if the body cooperated. Fowler has been red hot since his return from the disabled list, but every time he settles back in, an injury arises. I hope this doesn’t define his time with the Birds.

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  • While I love Mike Matheny’s passion and will to stand up for his players, I’d trade some of that heartfelt RAH RAH chest thumping sentiment for some proper bullpen management and game tactician sharpness. The man hasn’t learned a damn thing in his six seasons as the manager, and it’s starting to hurt his team. (slams a shot of bourbon)
  • You really have to step back and appreciate Kolten Wong’s season. Coming into 2017, he needed to get on base more, cut down his whiff percentage, and slug more. Overall, just be consistent. He has done that and then some. Second base belongs to him for the duration of 2017 and beyond. No offense to Jedd Gyorko, who can play multiple spots.
  • The Cardinals could have seven players with 20 home runs in 2017. It’s possible.
  • John Mabry could be fired, but don’t expect a replacement to make a huge dent. Hitting coaches are overrated.
  • I’m hungry. Is it okay if I have a whole pizza if I worked out today? Honest question.
  • Paul DeJong could hit 25 home runs in his debut season, which wasn’t even a full one. Unreal.
  • Our new writer, Anna Kayser, wrote about the need to keep racism out of baseball. How about we kick it the fuck out of life in general? Bigotry has no place on a diamond or anywhere else for that matter.

End game: The Cardinals are in line to make a legit run at the N.L. Central. 25 of their remaining 39 games (not including today’s rain affected affair), come against division opponents, whom the Cards are 22-28 against thus far in 2017. That’s unacceptable for such a weak division. If the Cardinals want to win the Central, conquer an easy schedule. That’s all.

Talk to you next Saturday. Where’s that pizza at?

Dan Buffa
Baseball has a way of bringing out the good, bad, and ugly in all of us. All I have is an opinion. Pull up a chair and hear me out. St. Louis born and bred.
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