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Buy or Sell: Week of July 2nd

I’m going to start a new thing (and actually stick with it) for the @RedBirdDaily site.

Every week (likely every Saturday morning) I’ll post “Buy or Sell” – where I give a thumbs up or thumbs down to various Cardinals trends/topics/musings that are commonly discussed throughout the week.

With that said, let’s get underway for the week of July 2nd. 

Josh Donaldson to the Cardinals?

Early Wednesday morning Jon Morosi of Fox Sports tweeted the following:


Cue Cardinal madness – as if they were Pavlov’s dog, trade polls started going up and anyone with a Twitter account started salivating uncontrollably.

What kind of tweet is that anyway?

It’s basically like saying “Yes, I’m interested in running a leaf blower through my hair, but I have no intention on doing so.”

Here’s a hot take for you Mr. Morosi – the Cardinals are probably interested in every power hitter in the Major Leagues, including Donaldson, but haven’t really talked with anyone seriously.

And of course the Cardinals might have interest in a power hitting third basemen, but at what cost?

Donaldson has been a cornerstone for the Toronto franchise for a few years now – do you think they’ll just give him up easy?

And who would even want him right now for pure statistical reasons – he’s only hitting .245 with a mere eight home runs.

We’ve already got a guy who can push out those numbers and he costs a hell of a lot less, he goes by the name Jedd Gyorko.

To me, a guy that is aging and starting to decline, especially in the last year or two of his contract that would take high profile prospects to net is not worth it.

Move aside Mr. Morosi – you’re #FakeNews

Verdict: Sell

Is Luke Voit the clean up man this team needs?

Tuesday provided St. Louis Cardinals fans with the first look at Luke Voit in the clean up spot.

The move came consequently after he belted his first big league home run the night before, in what will undoubtedly be one of the coolest moments in Busch Stadium history.

Check it out:

With that much power, it’s hard not to envision St. Louis’ newest first basemen sticking there for awhile.

Voit has the power no doubt, but is displaying a patience/eye at the plate (with a .379 OBP to boot) that will undoubtedly pay off for him should he get an extended cup of coffee with the parent club.

Sure it is a small sample size, but at this point nobody else in the line up really deserves it, so why not give the kid a shot and let it ride, right?

My verdict: Buy

Will the Cardinals reach .500 before the All-Star Game?

God help us all, that would be the best case scenario right?

Let’s take a further look at the next couple days though…


Easier said than done – the Birds on the Bat would logistically have to win the next five nights in a row to bring them to 45-43.

The schedule is favorable with both the Mets being less than stellar, but three in a row is unlikely with our bullpen and offensive inefficiency.

My verdict: Sell (Cardinals enter the ASG 43-45)


I hope you’ve enjoyed this first week of Buy or Sell. Let me know your thoughts!

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