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Buy or Sell: Leake, Flaherty and Tha Real MVP


Every week (likely every Saturday morning) I’ll post “Buy or Sell” – where I give a thumbs up or thumbs down to various Cardinals trends/topics/musings that are commonly discussed throughout the week.

With that said, let’s get underway for the week of August 28th. 

Mike Leake Gone, Jack Flaherty In

The obvious news that has dominated St. Louis Cardinal headlines was the trade of Mike Leake to the Seattle Mariners.

Gone is the prison hair cut, the Cardinals’ own version of the lead singer for Lynyrd Skynyrd, and most importantly, that enormous $80 million dollar contract he signed with St. Louis before the 2016 season.

That news has come and gone; and if you are anybody but Lance Lynn, you are probably jumping for joy, as the contract dump and lack of success is off the books for the Birds on the Bat. 

What comes with the Leake trade is the debut of Memphis RedBird (how many times has that phrase been uttered this year?) Jack Flaherty.

If you aren’t familiar with Flaherty, he is considered by some as one of, if not THE best pitching propsect in the Cardinals’ farm system. (Yes, that includes the currently injured Alex Reyes)

Flaherty will be added to the 40-man roster Friday and subsequently get the nod against the San Francisco Giants.

In a nod to 2018, even John Mozeliak knew a move had to be made, and out went Leake, and in comes Kid Jack.

I love what has taken place this week in St. Louis for two reasons:

  1. This is as much of a white flag for the rest of the season as any, so to me, it should give fans a sense of closure and put as all in a better place for 2018. Say what you want about Leake, but he at least has Major League experience and done enough to last for many years in this league. Shipping a (once) proven starter off for a rookie, on top of already including a rookie like Luke Weaver on your staff is nothing short of saying “Nah, we good.”
  2. Flaherty is probably due, as he has dominated at every level, and it’s time to see what the kid is really made of. The Cardinals want to go younger and more talented at every position, and this is a good start.

Verdict: Buy 

Tommy Pham – You Tha Real MVP

I saw chatter this week on social media about who the team MVP for the St. Louis Cardinals would/should be this year.

Whether those people were drinking, under the influence of narcotics, or just absentmindedly spewing nonsense onto their keyboard, this shouldn’t even be a question.

Tommy Pham.

That’s where the buck starts, and sure as hell where it stops.

What Pham has brought is not only production at the plate and in the field, but something this organization lacks across the board.


Watch a Tommy Pham interview, and you see not only a baseball player, but a man. A man that takes responsibility for not only his mistakes, but the team’s too.

He is the first to give out praise, and the last one to accept it.

Mediocrity is not a word in Thomas James Pham’s vocabulary. Watch the video below, where Pham talks to Jim Hayes of Fox Sports Midwest following a game in which he homered, yet his entire focus was how he can improve defensively.

The St. Louis Cardinals are in for one hell of a winter, as the team will look to bring in the right guys to get back on top in the National League Central.

The person to lead those players, and the MOST VALUABLE to the team?

Look no further than centerfield.

Verdict: Buy, Buy, Buy 


Thanks for reading, follow @TonOfClayton for more Kevin Durant memes and Flaherty love.

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