St.Louis Cardinals: It’s time to leave the comfort zone

John Mozeliak has used the term "comfort zone" on several occasions when describing the organizational approach to team improvement.  The club has been hesitant to acquire players through trades that have short term contract commitments.  This practice has allowed the Cardinals to keep a farm system focused on development and

St.Louis Cardinals: Winning is winning

Brett Cecil throwing in Spring Training

The Phillies are a very bad baseball team, we were witness to this two weeks ago when they came into St.Louis.  Philadelphia has won 11 of their last 50 games. This is what a rebuild looks like and its not pretty. The Cardinals have to take advantage of these opponents.

St.Louis Cardinals: Any hope remaining for 2017?

While much of the attention has turned toward selling assets and planning for the future, the second half of this season still remains. Last night was the beginning of a twenty game in twenty day slate to finish the first half.  Starting with the series in Philadelphia, the Cardinals have

St.Louis Cardinals: Starting pitching may force a move

  John Mozeliak has mentioned on several occasions that this years starting pitching performance is generally enough to keep a team in playoff contention. The 2017 starters have been great in the first fifty games of the season. Pitching that covers up major issues with the offense and terrible baserunning. But,

St.Louis Cardinals: Simply unacceptable baseball

The end of the first road trip in 2017 finished just like first home stand: Another uninspiring loss where the team looked more prepared to board the charter than avoid a series sweep. An unenthusiastic, apathetic, and downright complacent team has shrugged its shoulders and made the early part of

St. Louis Cardinals: Reversal of fortune

Brett Cecil throwing in Spring Training

The St. Louis Cardinals finally had a bit of good fortune Wednesday, beating Washington ace Max Scherzer. The good feelings the club felt after Opening Day were eroded by bad baseball over the next seven games. Beating Scherzer behind a fantastic start from Mike Leake my be the win needed

Opening Day: Ultimate Baseball Tradition

For, lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone The flowers appear on the Earth The time of the singing of birds is come And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. The legendary Ernie Harwell led off with this poem before the first broadcast of Tigers baseball season

St.Louis Cardinals: Visiting the affiliates

This is without a doubt the greatest time of the year. We have the Final Four on Saturday and Opening Night is to follow on Sunday. Spring Training is wrapping up and the Cardinals will head north to visit a couple of the minor league affiliates. "Walking in Memphis" Certainly a trip