St. Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals Outfield Unlikely to Improve in 2017

St. Louis Cardinals outfield catch probability

On Tuesday, I looked at catch probability to evaluate the St. Louis Cardinals outfield. Using CPR+, I determined that Statcast was significantly lower on the Cardinals outfield than DRS and UZR. At that time, however, I made no adjustments for positioning. For example, while Piscotty is 11% below average (89 CPR+)

St. Louis Cardinals: Using Catch Probability to Evaluate the Cardinals New Look Outfield

Catch probability St. Louis Cardinals

A couple weeks ago, Statcast unveiled a new catch probability statistic. While this metric is currently only used for outfielders (it will be expanded to infielders soon), it gives us a new way to evaluate players defensively. The main metrics used in defensive evaluation are Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR) and Defensive