St. Louis Cardinals: Matt Adams should not push Matt Carpenter to third

Matt Adams

"A person, thing, or situation that can at any moment cause much havoc or result in a disastrous outcome." If you've been following the St. Louis Cardinals through their first nine games this season that definition probably brings one thing to mind. Matt Adams in left field. The definition of course,

St. Louis Cardinals: Bold Predictions For 2017

Randal Grichuk

One of my favorite things about following baseball writers over the years has always been seeing their predictions. Even better than that is recapping them at the end of the year to see how many were right. Now that I've got a platform to share my thoughts, I figured I'd

St. Louis Cardinals: The Most Impressive Part of Fowler’s 2016

Dexter Fowler and Matt Carpenter

The St. Louis Cardinals signed Dexter Fowler with hopes of solidifying the defense and improving the teams overall athleticism. Us fans have learned very quickly though that he brings so much more than that to the table. We all knew that he is a very good leadoff hitter. He will