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Adam Wainwright: Old Man Logan

For those of you who know me, and those that don’t – I’m a large fan of super hero/comic based films, especially the good ones.

This past week, I saw a good one.

“Logan” was about as good as it gets in terms of comic-cinema, but while watching I was contemplating my next piece for the RedBird Daily and sure enough, it was staring at me right in the face.

No, Hugh Jackman hasn’t joined the St. Louis Cardinals, but the Cardinals do have an elder statesman on staff who reminded me of the now aged Wolverine.

Adam Wainwright, ladies and gentlemen, new beard and all, is the Cardinals version of Logan.

He’s the former superhero, staff ace, and Cy Young candidate who has now gotten pass the prime of his career, but still has something left to prove.

Without spoiling the plot, protagonist a tired, drunk and forgotten old man Logan, the once glamorized Wolverine of the X-Men, sets out on one last mission to save what remains of the mutant generation and lead them into the future.

Sans mutants, the Cardinals have a similar situation on their hands.

Weeks away from losing star in the making Alex Reyes, a couple of starters recovering from injury (Lance Lynn and Michael Wacha) and a fifth man spot up for grabs, a lot remains to be seen as to what this staff will become.

If it is going to be anything good – Adam Wainwright will have to be a little less of the battered Logan and a little more Wolverine.

A man overcoming his own injury bug bite, Wainwright must regain his form after a pretty forgetful 2016.

It was a year that saw him post his lowest win-lost percentage since 2012 (.591) and a year where his earned run average skyrocketed to the highest point of his career (4.62).

At times, Wainwright just looked flat, and admittedly, he lost control of his strike out pitch – the infamous curveball.

Ben Hochman did a great piece this past week on how Wainwright has re-found his curveball grip, and hopes to to add a few more K’s on the board.

For the leader of our X-Men – his killing strikeouts per win and WHIP also hit career highs/lows, meaning the ball was put in play a heck of a lot more.

Not the Waino we are all used to, and certainly not what the St. Louis Cardinals are hoping for in 2017.

Stats aside, it is important for him to showcase that he is still capable of being what we all know he can be.

Why? Because he is still the leader in the clubhouse, and this new rag tag group of birds/mutants need their Logan now more than ever.

Leadership goes a long way, and for any Cardinals success this year, Old Man Logan will have to rise up to the challenge, as the X-Men Cardinals need their Wolverine back to form.


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