The Redbird Daily was launched in January 2017, boldly opening with an exclusive one-on-one interview with John Mozeliak. From there we pumped out pages and pages of content, including the launch of two new podcasts featuring our writers. Over the course of the inaugural season, we enjoyed bringing a fresh voice to the Cardinals blogosphere. From analytics to opinion to extensive and impressive minor league coverage, we’ve had all the bases covered.

Even though the site is still very young, we have been lucky to have several very talented writers contribute to our pages, some whom had their talents open up even greater opportunities for them. However, we are committed to bringing fans the highest quality content possible, and we are constantly seeking to provide a platform for the next great blogger in Cardinals Nation.

We look forward to charging into this new season with you. Be on the alert for fantastic work, in print and recording, all year long.

There many very good Cardinals blogs and sites out there. Our mission is to not blend in, but to stand out amongst the crowd.

Thank you for visiting!

– Redbird Daily Staff