I feel like over the last week I have really talked up The Redbird Daily, probably to the point where many people have unfollowed me on Twitter or have hit the mute button. By doing this, I may have set the bar too high to reach. With that said, I do think that myself and my great group of writers will be able to produce great Cardinals content.

Here is a look at what to expect from us. You might call this our mission statement.

First and foremost, we will provide variety. You’re interested in things like xMOV and zMOV or wOBA? We will have posts that focus on analytics.

We will also have posts that look at the latest rumors and dissect if they are legit or just a Brian Dozier-type rumor.

With me involved, you know we will have tons of minor league coverage. In fact, Kyle Reis and I will be collaborating on a top 30 prospect list that will begin in February.

if analytics aren’t your thing, we will have in-depth analysis that easier to understand.

We will have chat forums that hopefully will get Cardinals fans through the rest of the off-season and then eventually the long summer.

We will have interviews with minor league players and, who knows, maybe someone from the major league staff.

There are some good Cardinals blogs out there, and this is not a shot at any of them, but we feel like we can bring something to the table that everyone will enjoy. On our Opening Day, we will have posts on Mike Leake, John Mozeliak, and a fun and different stat. It’s that variety that will interest Cards fans the most. We wont expect you to like or click on every article we post, but we hope our quality sets us apart from others.

If there is ever anything you want to know more about, just shoot me a message on Twitter and I will throw the topic out to our writers and someone will pick it up and write about it.

We are beyond excited to begin.

Thanks for checking us out!