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St.Louis Cardinals: Simply unacceptable baseball

The end of the first road trip in 2017 finished just like first home stand: Another uninspiring loss where the team looked more prepared to board the charter than avoid a series sweep. An unenthusiastic, apathetic, and downright complacent team has shrugged its shoulders and made the early part of 2017 difficult to watch.

What will be the wake up call?

As a 40 year old fan, I’ve witnessed some pretty bad Cardinals baseball. The Joe Torre era was a dark time for Cardinals fans. The worst part of those teams were flawed rosters with a lack of talent attributed to the winning teams of the 80’s. Being a constant contender under Whitey Herzog, up and coming talent was routinely flipped at the deadline for veteran pieces to upgrade a pennant contending roster.

Thats not the case with this 2017 team. Put together with an 85-90 win ceiling, the Cardinals simply aren’t performing. We are 12 games into the season and the fatal flaws from 2016 have already reared their ugly heads. John Mozeliak is as astute as any general manager in Major League Baseball. Successfully keeping the Cardinals in contention while grooming the next generation of Cardinals has been lauded throughout baseball. That mindset though has painted the team into a corner with no game changing talent knocking on the big league door, or valuable trade chips currently on the big league roster.

Rebuild isn’t a dirty word

Are we in the midst of a what will be considered a rebuild? We as Cardinals fans are spoiled an it’s been shown in full force over the last two weeks. We shouldn’t be expected to accept complacent baseball. The idea of a full blown rebuild where the club is scrapped and built from the ground up wouldn’t work in St.Louis. This could very well be the process the club uses to evaluate while contending for a wild card spot with their eyes on a major free agent in the coming years.

Complacent play should lead to shakeups

It may be too early to expect managerial changes but one of he coaches may be a scapegoat. A message needs to be sent that uninspired play is simply unacceptable. Even if the idea of the rebuild is the current undertaking, the level of play has to be improved.

Just my opinion, but the coaching staff on the pitching side will be safe. Derek Lilliquist would be without a job for maybe 30 minutes before being scooped up by another organization. The offensive side could be another story with the bats just not performing this year, but also showing weak signs in 2016 and the latter part of 2015. A message could be sent to Mike Matheny by the termination of one of the two former Cardinal players in the dugout John Mabry or David Bell.

Could the Quality Control coach be another name for Manager-In-Waiting?

Thank you for reading!

Lets hope for brighter times ahead.

Allen Medlock



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